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Cover Story: China 21st Century Logistics Times

Mr. Tan Choon Wei, our Group’s executive chairman was featured in the December 2009 issue of China 21st Century Logistics Times. The editorial is in Chinese and below is a summary of article:-

Shanghai Port should develop re-export logistics
— An interview with Tan Choon Wei, Executive Chairman of Singapore CWT Globelink Group

Singapore CWT Globelink Group is respected as the largest listed logistics company in Singapore, and one of the biggest freight forwarders in Asia. Overcoming challenges in China to become an industry leader for LCL consolidation, it has carved out a unique path for itself. CWT Globelink has invested in many projects in China.

Mr. Tan Choon Wei, the Group's Executive Chairman, was interviewed at CWT Globelink’s Xiamen branch office. The interview describes Singapore's experience in logistics and Mr. Tan’s view on China's logistics industry.

“The re-export trade in China is still in its trial period. It is difficult for Shanghai to be an international shipping centre if there is no re-export cargo. I hope one day Shanghai will indeed become an international re-export centre. China will play a more important role than before in 2010, at the same time, it will face big challenges with lower volume cargo and higher cost in the logistics industry.”